Monday, May 20, 2013

So im doing the latest outfit ,  its far from completed,  as there's lots to do ,  but as always a little sneak peek ,  and ive found a rather nice tool to show 3D content online.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

DUN DUN DUUUUUN - New Snatched Release

Yay,  its finished,  with a new name  and as always filled with love and creative juices flowing faster than a housewife with 50 shades of grey..  I introduce to the masses


You have seen it being made on the blog,  so  I wont go into too much detail ,  yet is a complete outfit  all boots,  pants,  belt,  coat and tunic  coming in 5 sizes ,  yes that's right  FIVE.  that means it has the standard ones of Xsmall,  Small,  Med and large ..  but also the Snatched sizing that I normally  release.

It also comes without any layer shading  just in case you want to mix and match.

Available in Store at Tokari ,  and on the marketplace. ( demo also available )



Sunday, May 5, 2013

Little update on the progress of the next outfit,  I never realized quilting could be such a pain in the arse, needless to say...  here we have the zbrush work so far  for the high poly texturing.

I get asked many times how I always manage to get so detailed,  well  I am not some big time graphic artist with years of skills under my belt ...  I just try REALLLY hard.

so hears the latest pics,  of the zbrush work,  and the resulting textures im currently working on.

after a little trip into PS,  and rendered out in Blender,  please note this isnt final product as their is still lots left to do.

Hokays - Sneek Peek

I had a few messages in game to ask what I was making next,  Well ......  last week I finally talked myself around to taking some time to buy into the whole " game of thrones " world,  and to be hon est it was fantastic,  in fact in many respects its like the Gor we all love and know so well,  slightly medieval dancing between the cold north and the sunnier south with hints of the Celtic and Mediterranean thrown in. So after doing a 26 hour " throne - a thon " I felt energized and enthused.  What does this mean,  well  it means that Ive been inspired and started throwing this together.

I hope you can see where its going,  progressing along nicely.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This may be the last variation.

I have not yet decided as to whether to do a brown and tan version of the Sage outfit yet...  but one thing that was needed was a black one. So without further ado........  here it is

Yay .....


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

errrmm  YES YES (again)

Well  under request from many,  I've started making colour variations of the Sage outfit,  and by popular demand mainly from those red caste folks I've done a RED version of the sage outfit.

Again,  available in store and the marketplace ,  but I have also been asked for a green version,  and neutral so expect a black or brown one sooooon



Believe it or not  the new outfit has finally  been released,  after months of delay and computery type problems last night I finally  managed to get my new release completed.

Its both on the marketplace and in store,  you can always check earlier posts for how it was done but the finished article is done ( at least in blue,  I hear more colours are wanted )

so here it is......

and btw,  I released a DEMO  available at the store  if you are concerned about fitting.

I sincerely hope you like  it,  and thanks for your patience.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where have you been ?

Well,  I know most of you have sent me messages in-game about both my sofa tutorial  and when my outfit and IF my outfit will ever be finished....

Well  The reason it went on hold was due to my being contracted for 6 months in the real world,  as I am professionally  in IT and I was overseas for some of that time  it was difficult to keep on with my building,  but I can confirm that since I got back  I built a new PC, and I have opened up blender and started to work again on my unfinished outfit.

To say that I do that with a nervous outlook is an understatement,  but I am on the case again so  I hopefully should get the long awaited outfit out soon.

Thank you so much for all your messages and encouragement..  and as always "Watch this space"